What’s the point of speaking to a recruiter on the phone?


Finding a job it’s a full-time job itself. We all agree on that.

Job seekers need to set targets, understand want they want, figure out what they didn’t know they could want and, firstly, stick to a method.

  1. Update your resume
  2. Upload it on the web
  3. Get ready to be social!

How? Open your network to new people, apply for job opportunities in line for your profile and interests, get in touch with recruitment agencies and organisations and then…

  1. Get ready to be… even more social!


When your cv is out there…

Think about it! You have just told everybody you are looking for a new opportunity: LinkedIn and Indeed are telling loud and clear that you are available on the market, you are interested in positions within a specific sector, that you have a salary range in mind, but that you could consider a different role if the company offers career opportunities…etc. The next step is to keep an eye on your phone and emails.

If you are working it’s definitely not an easy thing to manage. When good candidates become available on the market recruiters and talent acquisition specialists can be very pushy, we all get that. It all starts with a quick InMail, an email or, in most of the cases, a phone call from an unknown number. If you have a missed phone call, 90% of the times, you have also received a follow-up email or a message on a social network.


Arrange a phone call

It’s now clear that you are an interesting candidate and someone wants to talk to you to get to know you better. That’s why this is the time to become even more social! Step out of the digital world: reply to that email/ message, arrange a chat or, more simply, pick up the phone. No matter how busy you can be, you surely want to give the impression you are a sociable and highly organised individual, that you care and you are available to share and listen anytime. It’s in your own interest, after all! Keep in mind that if you are a job seeker you must be methodical. I am sure that arranging a few minutes phone call, at some stage, shouldn’t be a big deal for you!

 Why sharing information with strangers and listening to them?

Probably, so far, it’s all clear and yet, there is one very important question left behind. Why should you take a phone call from a stranger and answer further questions? You have explained everything on your cv. Now, you want to read a job spec. You are eager to discuss a salary and get to know the company’s name. You are available to schedule interviews but “hold on a second!”, maybe it’s not so easy! Remember: someone wants to talk to you to get to know you better! Maybe your resume is not very clear. Maybe there is another opportunity that you could consider but on your cv you have decided to highlight just some of your skills in order to apply for opportunities within one sector. Most importantly, it could just be that the person on the other end of the line would like to listen to you! The way you sound, you describe yourself and your experiences, your interests and expectations for the future. No matter if you are dealing with a recruiter or a talent acquisition specialist, get always ready to talk.


It’s worth a chat!

Would you ever give your trust and time to a person you don’t know? I am sure a recruiter wouldn’t. Recruiters and talent acquisition specialists need to know what you truly want. They need to believe in your passion and skills because these are the people that will stand on your side while introducing your profile to a client or a manager. These are the professionals in charge of reading between the lines and finding opportunities you have never thought about, discover the potential in you. Last but not least, – that should not be underestimated – these could be the people that will let you know if your profile is not suitable for an opportunity. They could save your time and advise you on the next move. So, is it worth it?


Author: Eleonora Conti