4 Things to Consider When Preparing For a Job Interview

Preparing For a Job Interview

If you have just received an invitation to an interview locally or abroad – great job! As a recruiter, I have heard all sorts of excuses for turning down job offers so there are some minor things that you must consider when preparing for a job interview. These are common mistakes that can certainly be avoided! The power of research is now upon you, and Google is a wonderful tool, you must use it. Here are some things to consider for your interview invitation.


Can you travel to the job every day?

Google Maps takes to the stage first as you check the distance from your house to your possible new job. Will you take the car, bus, plane or camel? Will you have to pay tolls? How long will you travel? Many candidates only decide to put the distance to the test as they travel to the interview and this is strongly not recommended. If Google Maps says the distance is too far, we must trust it and cancel the interview.

 Camels travelling in the desert   

Consult with your partner/family or spouse.

Do your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend or pets know that you are attending the interview? Do they have any objections? Candidates like to inform their loved ones of the good news only after they have attended the interview and that’s when issues can arise. The boyfriend’s work schedule might clash, the parents do not approve or the dog might get home sick.

Happy family with a dog

Say no!

If you are suddenly not interested in the opportunity or you got another offer, do not be afraid to tell the truth. Candidates bizarrely come down with a bout of sudden food poisoning, someone has been knocked down by a car, or the phone has broken leaving companies and recruiters in the dark. We only want what is best for you so remember that honesty is the best policy and recruiters are your friends. They have no interest in pushing you into an unwanted job so never be afraid to say no.

Holding hands

No money? No job

If you are relocating to a different country, you must have financial savings for general living costs and possibly flights or accommodation for the first few weeks. It is important to be sure of your financial situation before attending the interview. Surprisingly candidates bank accounts seem to be empty as soon as a job offer is made.


These are just a few things to consider before you attend an interview. You have been invited to an interview for a special reason so it is important to consider all the factors before you attend. Always ask questions to the recruiter or company if you have any doubts and never be afraid to speak up if you change your mind. Visit our blog for more articles that can help you along the way of the career path..

Author: Jessica Wilson