How we work

Interest in multilingual candidates is growing rapidly. As a company, you are looking for the best candidates out there, however, to attract them requires a lot more now than just advertise a job.

For each and every candidate, there is something else that matters the most (could be company culture, benefits, holidays, relocation assistance, etc). To save your time finding out all these and match your requirements with the candidates criteria, why not to combine our detailed knowledge of the multilingual market in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe to get you the best matches?

Our service is tailored to your requirements

We will only send you profiles that you would love

We save your time: all our candidates are fully pre-screened and reference checked prior to meeting with you

We build trustful relationships

At Bespoke Recruitment, it is our aim to make sure that our clients see us as business partners rather than just service providers. We invest our time to identify your culture, values, resourcing requirements and recruitment process in order to identify the best matches for your requirements. More we know about your company and easier it will be for us to find you the perfect employee.

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