5 Benefits of a Customer Service Job

Are you a recent graduate or just looking to make a career change? Looking for entry into a line of business, and not exactly sure where to start? Why not consider a role in customer service! While likely not your first choice, and possibly also something you may not have even considered, a role in customer service can be a great opportunity! There are many benefits to a role of this nature, and before you make up your mind, take a look at some of the benefits of a customer service job!

The Benefits of a Customer Service Job

Starting from the core of the business

Customer care is the foundation of a business- and without good customer care a company cannot retain or attract clients and customers. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, said, “Customer service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the entire company.” Customer service is considered part of the user experience with a product or service, and is very important to any business model. Understanding and supporting the customer is the heart of any business. By gaining experience with the crux of a business, you are building the foundation of a career that can take you anywhere! With your base experience in customer care, you are gaining relevant experience that is useful across all lines of business.

Using people skills

If you are a people person, customer service is the perfect role for you! It’s one where you get to flex your confident social muscles and excel at something that you do unconsciously. But even if you’re not a people person, it can be great experience dealing with large volumes of people in a pinched time frame. You gain skills and experience with being in an environment you have to work at excellence in. And having that experience under your belt will benefit you in future jobs- regardless of if they are customer facing or not.

Problem Solving

Working in customer service is all about endless enthusiasm and positivity- wanting to help people and the gratification that comes with problem solving. Being given the chance to problem-solve in such high volume can boost your mood! When you have positive results with problem-solving, it can make you feel fulfilled. And those positive feelings from being helpful and solving someone’s problems can spillover into your work life. Even if your personality type is more similar to a gloomy rain cloud, by having that experience you show that you have the ability to perform with positivity and politeness when a job requires it.

Gaining Transferrable Experience

The skills you gain in a customer service office-based job are transferable to other lines of business and can make you a more well-rounded candidate. Not only will you have experience in a customer-focused setting, but you’ll gain firsthand experience with:

Both team and independent work, conflict resolution and problem solving, working to a deadline, KPIs or targets, working in an office setting, direct customer contact and care, and administration skills.

Surprisingly, experience and skills speaking over the phone can often be quite an asset in a business setting! Don’t underestimate the ability to speak on the phone! For many job candidates, speaking over the phone doesn’t seem like a daunting ability until faced with a ringing phone and your manager’s eyes staring you down. By having experience with a role that involves numerous phone calls to all sorts of people, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Travel opportunities

Especially for recent graduates of all ages, having international work experience can set your CV apart from others with similar qualifications! And even if your field is not specifically customer service, you can think of it as a gap year that is still career-focused. Regardless if it is directly in your desired field, if the experience is still geared towards a specific industry- you’re gaining skills are valued and used in almost any kind of career path. Markets like sales or customer and technical support, are situated in technical and support hubs around the world. Pursuing jobs like these can allow you to live and work in places like London, Dublin, Athens, Prague, or Brussels for example.

And most importantly…

Progression Opportunities

As customer service can often be seen as an entry or mid-level position, there are often increased training and progression opportunities that are offered for moving on after those positions. Often, these positions are seen as a jumping off or starting point for moving up within a company. By having a solid foundation with your customer service experience, you can often grow into higher positions in the company with customer service, or other aspects of the business. A great way to see these progression opportunities is looking at where current business leaders started in their career. A clear trend is that today’s business leaders often started with customer service and roles directly supporting customers, and worked their way up to higher positions in management and directing.


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Author: Nicole Agger-Nielsen